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George Beckwith
Published by: George Beckwith on 19-May-24
Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 17 May 2024

Recap: May 17 LIVE Affiliate Marketing bootcamp training

Friday morning is all about YOU and the growth of your business. 
All the Gizmos and gadgets in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership are only valuable to you if you get help in using them and then you USE them. 
George Kosch provides Members with 1 hour of specialized training to answer questions, provide demonstrations and updates on what's happening at Worldprofit to help you GROW your Affiliate marketing business.
Can't make it to the LIVE training? No worries! Send your questions in prior, George will answer or demo as you need then watch the recording later.
Bootcamp Instructor,  George Kosch, is an affiliate marketing pioneer and industry expert for over 30 years, there is no one better to get no hype help from then George Kosch.

Get the full content? Watch the recording

Training Topics:

  • How to set up your Worldprofit Member Profile
  • How to enter how you get paid commission for sales referrals
  • How to get your BONUSES
  • What types of ads you should run to get best results. (for ANY business)  
  • HOW TO add Worldprofit's Autoresponder to another Affiliate Funnel.
  • HOW TO use Worldprofit's AI to generate Autoresponder letters
  • DEMO: How to access your included EBOOK CREATOR, Cover maker and Landing Page Builder to get leads and grow your email marketing list
  • NEW: Worldprofit AI Assist. Now available on LEFT MENU. FULL GPT4. No additional cost for Worldprofit Silver & Platinum VIP Members
    This is a $20 per month EXTRA VALUE exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members 
    Use this powerful TIME-SAVING tool for copywriting, ad copy, social media scripts, newsletter mailer copy, autoresponder copy, blog content. Ask questions and dialogue. 
    George provided a demonstration of how to use this new tool for all your online business needs.
    Warning about over-use of AI.
  • Looking for trusted low cost PREIMUM Advertising? See your options here, starting at just $17.
  • DEMO: Worldprofit Graphics Studio 
    Easily create eye-popping graphics for your blog, web pages, social media, thumbnails, headers, banners and more
    Available at cost for Silver Members INCLUDED in Platinum VIP Membership
    No design experience needed, edit from templates, customize to your liking for professional personal effect
  • FastTrack Visitor program. Let us place the ads for you and YOU get the Associate sign ups. Details here.  
  • What are the extras in the Platinum VIP Membership?
    Monthly and 1 Year options. Do the 1 year Platinum VIP Membership and enjoy 60% savings instantly.
    -Autoresponder; 100 Exclusive leads each month; Graphics Studio; Mega Monthly Traffic Injection; Clickbank Super Store and Sales Manager  
    -Earn DOUBLE the commission as a
    Platinum VIP Member

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Want to step up your game?
How to get more powerful business tools, earn DOUBLE the commission.

Upgrade from SILVER to Platinum VIP Membership.

SAVE $800 on the Platinum VIP Membership vs paying monthly. 

Convert to a 1 Year prepaid term - eliminate monthly payments - enjoy 60% savings vs paying monthly.
PLUS, get 500 Associate members assigned to you - that's an INSTANT list of possible buyers. 

>> To get all the details submit a Support form and ask for MARVELOUS MAY OFFERS 

Miss the MAY 10 LIVE training? Watch the Recording

Next LIVE training session is Friday MAY 24.  Starts at 9 AM ET.

Need help? Looking for something?  
Contact our HELP team for assistance 7 days a week, 365 Days a year's Universal One Source Platform: 

Get it all in one place! One easy to use all inclusive platform - at for starting and growing your affiliate marketing business
The INCREDIBLE POWERFUL value of having everything on YOUR site, your domain, under your Brand - not someone else.
Think about the LONG TERM value of this! Everything you promote, today, tomorrow, next month, next year, years from now - is benefiting YOU!
You're building your domain, your links, your SEO ranking, your channel, your blog all interlinked to YOUR website, your online real estate.
It's the Difference between RENTING and OWNING! Be the Business Owner, the CEO of your online business portfolio.
Imagine if you had started using Worldprofit's system a year ago, 5 years ago, how far ahead you would be today.
It's not too late.  Start now and think BIG and LONG term. We help you get going and GROWING!

Worldprofit is a hosting and software provider supporting online business owners with a universal platform for training, sales and marketing. 
The purpose of this LIVE interactive weekly training is to help you understand how to access and use the many tools, software and resources that make up your Worldprofit Membership. 

About George Kosch your Bootcamp Instructor,  CEO, Co-Founder,  Worldprofit Inc. 

George Kosch is a former Captain (Jet Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement to create Worldprofit Inc., in 1994 along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. 
Every Friday, Worldprofit provides members with LIVE interactive training to teach you about affiliate marketing, to help you access and use the tremendous number of resources in your membership,
all designed with 1 purpose - to help you grow your own successful online business. Who better to teach you then the actual architect of Worldprofit's software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself. 

Worldprofit's system is a comprehensive all inclusive business training and marketing platform.
Learn at your own pace by following the online lessons geared to helping you learn about online marketing and  how to use your Worldprofit member resources.  
Treat your Worldprofit business like that, a business. Be professional. be prepared to learn, put the time and effort into starting and growing it over time.      
Use Worldprofit website hosting, tools, software, advertising and training to grow any and all your online affiliate programs,  to promote Worldprofit services --
or those of our recommended vendors -- or programs you are involved in. 

Worldprofit's weekly training sessions are informal and all Member questions encouraged. If you need a demonstration or a service  or software explained in more detail, simply ask.
The skills you learn in the training can be applied to marketing your own affiliate programs and / or promoting Worldprofit services to earn sales commission.
The training, our support is all devoted to helping YOU start and GROW your own online business now and for many years to come.
Worldprofit provides the foundation for your business, the tools, the building blocks for growth - plus  - the training and support. 


Worldprofit Inc., is the longest running and 1st Affiliate marketing company.
(Worldprofit started 1994; Amazon 1996)

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Yours In Success,

George Kosch Capt (ret'd) CEO & CoFounder